Keywords Of Conversion Rate Optimization

When you create a website, the first thing that you should consider is Conversion Rate Optimization. What is CRO? When you are paying for website traffic, CRO helps to get a great return for your spending in other words, you get better ROI or Return on Investment with this method! When you use social media and other methods to garner natural traffic, CRO can help in utilizing the most traffic. It means, it ensures that your traffic is not wasted to a certain extent.

Conversion Rate Optimization 

Keywords Of Conversion Rate Optimization

What is CRO? To understand the basic working of Conversion Rate Optimization, you need to know the terms and concepts that it comprises.

CTA or Call to Action: As the phrase suggests, CTA is the point that prompts or motivates the user to take the necessary action to acquire what they were looking for. These are actually the buttons or icons on the website that enables the user to make the purchase or the services of the website. Some examples are ‘Download now’, ‘Buy Now’, ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Register Now’.

MVT or Multivariate Testing: This method is used to test the text content and also the visual content of the website in order to find working combinations or get more information in a lesser period of time.

Split Testing: This method is for finding how the CTA tools can be put out better and more. For example, the color patters of the CTA tools are changed or tested and then found out as to which one is more preferred by users.

Conversion Funnel: It is more or less a flow chart kind of steps that chalks out the visitor’s moves and then trying out ways to convert the visit into sale. For example, a visitor will visit your site and then register with his email id and then you send emails to him promoting your products and then there is something that attracts him and he makes the purchase. This is the conversion funnel.